Online Slots Strategy

Slots Strategy

Compared to all other casino games, it is in online slots that the luck factor plays a major role. So, most people would say that there is no such thing as online slots strategy. However, there is a basic strategy or rules that you can use to improve your chances of winning at slots, but not to guarantee a win. When we talk about online slots strategy, we are really talking about understanding what to consider before selecting a slot game to play.


The most important thing to remember about slots is that the more you play, the better your chances are of winning. So, bankroll management is one of the most important things to learn before you start playing slots. Bet wisely so that you increase your bankroll, even if it takes time. Don’t place hasty and greedy bets that bankrupt you in just one spin.

There are many ways to extend your bankroll in online betting. If you want to protect your bankroll while extending your game play time, you can start with true penny slots costing just a penny per spin. But watch out for penny slots where you have to pay for every payline, which can exhaust your bankroll pretty quickly. 

Another tip is to pick games with the highest payout rates to extend game play and maximize returns. While payout percentages usually fall with the fall in coin denomination, you can find differences in payout rates on games in the same categories.
Fix a loss limit – the amount you can afford to lose before you call it a day or move on – in advance. Many players set this limit at 5% – 20% of their bankroll. 


The payouts offered by online slots are different - they vary based on the type of slot you are paying - penny slots with minimal jackpots, progressive jackpots and linked progressives both of which offer he cash rewards. Also, the payouts are more in 5-reel games than they are in 3-reel slots. Opt for 5-reel slots with multiple paylines, so that the number of ways in which you can win is higher.

To extend your money, play on lower denomination machines. While the payouts are lower, you can play for longer. Also, in a situation where you find yourself on a losing streak, a high denomination machine will deplete your bankroll very quickly. 

There is no winning strategy

Most importantly, remember that there is no sure shot winning strategy for online slots, or even live slots for that matter. The only thing you can do is understand how slots work, pick the right game and manage your bankroll wisely.

As there is no such thing as a slots strategy, some believe that you'll lose less money if you play any other game but slots. If you stay in control of your money as well as your winnings, you can keep returning to the slots machines as much as you want!

The landscape of slots players consists of those who only play to win jackpots, and those who're more focused on the entertainment value of the game and are less aggressive about winning. Decide which category you belong to, and read our reviews of the best online slots casinos to sign up with one that suits your requirements. They feature live dealers, and offer attractive bonuses and free money to new customers.
It is best to start off with a free game and play until such time as you're ready to put down your money. 

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