Sit and Go

Sit and Go

Sit and Go poker tournaments are single table tournaments that are played with a limited number of players at one table. Once the number of players required to start the tourney are there, the tournament kicks off and continues like any other poker tournament. Compared to other forms of tournaments, sit and go tournaments are ideal and convenient for many poker players because they cost less and dint have a specific schedule.

How to Play Sit and Go Tournaments

If you have never played in a poker tournament before and want to know how one works, then sit and go tournaments are ideal for you. These tournaments usually have low buy-ins and are played with limited number of people on table. The best part, these tourneys keep happening online as and when the table gets filled. So you don’t have to worry about missing a tournament. If one sit and go tourney is finished, another would be ready to start.

To play these single table tournaments, all you need to do is find a live poker room or an online poker room hosting them. If it is an online site, you should first register with it, make a deposit and buy into the tournament to get started.

Why Play Sit and Go

You may wonder that when you have ring games to play, why try sit and go? Well, here are the reasons for it.

  • Sit and go tournaments are organized on demand - only if there are enough players, the tournament begins.
  • Buy-ins start from as low as $0.25
  • You have to compete with just 6 to 8 players, and no more
  • You can play any poker variant offered by the site
  • An excellent platform for amateur poker players to work on their tournament experience.

Sit and go poker tournaments also give you the opportunity to get better at understanding the starting hands based on which you decide whether or not to continue. This will also help you understand how to read other players, and find ways to identify their bluffs and tells. In all, sit and go offers you a great platform to get better at poker.

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