Practice Your Roulette Strategy

While it may seem like roulette is a game that cannot really be prepared for, or one that has no real strategy involved, there are ways in which you can bring in a bit of practice to the table.

The main thing to remember while playing online is that you should have control over yourself and the amount of money you are willing to play with. It is much easier to lose a good amount of money online than at a  casino as it is more convenient and you are more relaxed as opposed to a casino game where it is intense and noisy. Place a cap and stick to it, even if you are on a good run. 

Practice Your Roulette Strategy

The martingale strategy

It is the most common strategy and uses simple mathematical probability to ensure results. It is simply a way to recoup losses all the while making a small bit of profit. It is done by doubling a bet after losing a 50/50 chance game. 

How it works

·         It is all just plain intuition and works in a way that is similar to a coin flip where you have to place a bet on one of two possible outcomes, here it is the color. So your color wins or loses, and if you don't lose, that means you win by default. By placing a double on every loss, provided the bets are 50/50, the instance you win, you recover every loss. 

·         Keep in mind that it is still rests on chance. If red wins ten times in a row, there is only 50% chance that it will still turn up red on the next play, probability dictates it goes that way. In fact, to be more accurate, with the 0 and 00, the chances are a smidgen less than 50/50.

·         There is a certain cap, you may reach it eventually after continuous loss after which you will have to win out or keep on doubling, which is not possible. You may lose big time, but also win, its a 50/50 deal.

The best way to go about the strategy is find a table that has a small opening bet and a large closing bet, this will allow you to double as much as you want or need. The process is simple, place a small bet, the smallest you can on an even or odd, black or red- that should give you the 50/50. If you win, pocket the winnings and place the original amount on another color or number. If you lose, double it the amount on the next bet. If you win on the third try, pocket the winnings and place the original bet back on the table.

Every time you win, you will have covered your losses, but the winning amount that you can realistically take home is limited. Just keep in mind though, going home with $100 more is better than going home with $50 less. Always remember to be sensitive and mindful of the amount of money you are gambling with.

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