Online Casino No Deposit Bonus: How does it Work?

No Deposit Bonus

Many online casinos have a promotion called no deposit bonus. How does a no deposit bonus work and it is really a bonus?

The working of a no deposit bonus

With so many online casinos, customers have a lot of options to choose from. So many of these casinos have offers and promotions to attract customers. One of the promotions is the no deposit bonus.

If a casino is offering a no deposit bonus and you want to use it, all you have to do is sign up with that casino. Your account will be credited with the said bonus. You can then use the bonus to play slots and other games on the online casino.

Piri Piri online casino has a list of online casinos offering no deposit bonuses such as Bet Victor, 888 Casino, 32 Red Casino, Jackpot 247 and Super Casino. Please feel free to check them out.


Why is the casino offering a no deposit bonus?

You may think why would an online casino offer a non-deposit bonus? Isn't the casino losing money by offering such promotions? Yes and no.

For a casino no deposit bonus are a way to attract customers. Online casino players are a niche group so there is a stiff competition among the online casinos to attract players to their website.

The casino considers it an investment. It is hoping that some of these players will use the no deposit bonus to try the casino's games and if they like the service, become paying customers.

You can say it is a form of goodwill money. When you take a thing from someone, you feel obliged to return the favor. It is the same with the online casino. There are two other reasons why an online casino may offer a no deposit bonus.

First, it gives the casino a chance to promote its services. Second, it gives the customer a chance to try the casinos services for free. It is not much different from a test drive.

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