Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

Online blackjack is convenient and entertaining too. However, it is not as exciting as live blackjack that you can play at a real world casino. You can however, play live blackjack, with real players and a live dealer, without stepping into a casino. Live black jack games are offered by many online casinos today. To participate in these games, all you need is a high speed internet connection with a web camera that will give you access to the live gaming window of the chosen online casino.

Real Dealers Add to the Fun

To play live blackjack, the first thing to do is find a reliable casino offering this format of the game 24/7. Once you register and log in for real money play, web chat is enabled, through which you can see the live dealer and the blackjack table. You will also be able to see other players you choose to connect with at the table.

In a live blackjack game, hands are dealt just as they would be in a brick-and-mortar casino. You interact with the dealer through a web camera. The number of players in live dealer blackjack player may be more than the number of players allowed at the blackjack tables in real casinos. So you won't even have to worry about not finding a place at the blackjack table anymore.


Live Blackjack

Blackjack is an exciting game, but with online blackjack, there can always be allegations that the software has been rigged to give the house the advantage. This is why live blackjack is better, as you get a view of the table, how the cards are dealt, and also see others winning. 

All you need is high-speed internet, so that the proceedings stream seamlessly and without buffering; as well as web camera to communicate with the dealer.

What exactly is blackjack?

Blackjack is otherwise called Twenty One. This is the most played casino game in the world, because it is simple to understand and your chances of winning depend more on luck than strategy. This is not a thinking man’s game, yet the winnings can be substantial.

There are only about 5-7 players at any blackjack table. With live blackjack, this translates to ‘online’ players. Otherwise, the rules of the game stay the same, the objective is to stay below 21 points. If you exceed this, you lose.

The points associated with cards from 2 to 10 are their numerical values; while Kings, Queens and Jacks carry 10 points each. The Ace can be either 1 point or 11 points (it is up to you to choose).

Each player receives two cards. The dealer deals the cards from the person on his left to the person on his right (this is the reason why blackjack tables are semi-circular in shape) using a shuffling machine or a dealer’s shoe. As soon as you receive the cards, you can look at them and calculate how many points you have. If you have 21 points, you win – unless the dealer too has a blackjack or 21 points.

In blackjack, the objective is not to beat your fellow players at the table, but the dealer. This is why the dealer also deals himself two cards. If the dealer’s cards add up to more than 21 points, then he goes ‘bust’ and you win, provided your cards don’t have a value of more than 21 points either. If both you and the dealer go ‘bust’, neither one of you wins (and so you don’t lose money on this either).

What happens if both you and the dealer have less than 21 points?

The winner is decided by whoever has the higher score. In case both you and the dealer have the same points, you can opt for a ‘push’ (this is optional, but if you don’t, neither wins, so you don’t take home any money) or an additional card each, and the same rules apply. In the event that you and the dealer are still tied, no further cards can be dealt – you have to settle for a no-loss, no-gain situation.

See? Simple. If you bet £1, you could earn £1 and have £2 in your pocket if you win (you double your money). It has been estimated that you win 42% of the time, draw 8% of your games and lose in half of your games.

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