Limit Hold’em Strategy

Limit Hold’em Strategy

Limit Texas Hold'em can seem complex and overwhelm beginners. At its best, it can even deceive the best of payers. As poker is more a game of strategy and not of luck, players of limit Hold'em can improve their chances of winning by adopting game strategies that actually work. There is no single strategy that can guarantee you a win, as there are many factors to consider, and these factors are variables like the players, the hands you get and so on.

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However, for starters, we will list down a set of basic strategies you should consider when playing limit Texas Hold'em.

  1. The basic strategy is about identifying the hand you hold and how likely it is to lead you to a win. Know what the best possible hand is and how close or away your hand is to winning.
  2. Understand the strength of your position at the table, as in limit Hold'em, the order in which the players play and act is predetermined.
  3. High cards are better than low valued cards, for they offer a better chance of creating a wining hand.

Don’t rush to complex concepts like bluffing or reading tells until you ace the basics of the game first. Understand the game and get better at it gradually. You cannot become a champ overnight.

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