Is it Safe to Play Real Money Poker Online

Is online poker safe or is it rigged? If we got a penny for each time people asked us this question, we would have become multi-millionaires by now. Yes, online poker with real money is safe but only if you play on verified sites, such as the ones mentioned on our website. How do you ensure that the sites we endorse are safe? For one, we never endorse any poker site if we were not sure that it is legit. We have tried these sites ourselves, so you can rest assured that the sites we can endorse are credible.

Wanting to know if online poker with real money is safe is a very legitimate question, because when you play poker online, in most of the cases you do not know who is sitting on the other side. Is it a bot or is it a real player? The safety of the software is also an important factor.

Are my funds going to be safe?

Usually, internet poker is played on a casino online. Many betting and gambling sites have dedicated poker rooms manned by live dealers. These websites are very careful with their customers' money because in the online gambling business, safety and trust is everything. So if you play real money poker on the sites we recommend, you can be sure that your money will be safe.

Poker sites are required to keep their patrons' money in safe accounts. This money cannot be reinvested anywhere else. The trouble begins when you deposit money with unverified poker sites. Another reason you as an online poker player may feel uncomfortable putting your money into small poker sites is because of the low payouts. In the last few years, a number of small poker sites have gone bankrupt, which has only increased customers' fears. Here is what you can do to ensure that the funds you put into an online poker site remain safe.

  • Ensure that the poker site has a large number of players.
  • The poker site should have been doing business for a number of years.
  • The poker site undergoes regular audits by reliable independent third party organizations such as eCOGRA.

Before you put your money into the larger sites, you should know that the smaller sites have a lower level of competition, which means there are more chances to make profits on these sites.

Do I have to worry about rigged software?

If you are regular online poker player, you will know from experience that no online poker software is rigged. Sometimes, when inexperienced players make big bets and lose, they may accuse the poker website of rigging the games. At the same time, many players have also won big pots, indicating that the games are not rigged. No poker site is intentionally rigged and any rigging is just a synonym for a system bug. If you are having a bad run on an online poker site, maybe it is time you reassessed your strategy.

There were exceptional cases, when 'super account' holders were able to see the cards of the other players. It was a glitch in the system and it was patched as soon as it was discovered. Anyway, most of the victims were given back the money they lost. This was the most serious cheating instance in the online poker industry. While no one can guarantee that such instances will not occur in the future, what we can guarantee is, all the large poker sites now run on sophisticated software which can track players, reducing the chance of fraud. Moreover, if someone wants to rig a game, they are not going to waste time on a site or game, where the stakes are low. They would go for the big games where there is a huge pot, make money quickly and cash out before they are discovered.

If you are still concerned about software rigging on poker sites, we recommend that you play on one of the sites we have endorsed (some of them are offering no deposit bonus) or any of the other bigger poker sites. The big sites are massive and they have a number of auditing and fail-safe mechanisms which ensure that all the games are above board. The sites generate millions of dollars in revenue every year, so for their own sake, they have to ensure that there is no fraud taking place. It is the only way to ensure their brand continues to attract online poker players.


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