How to Get Free No Deposit Bonus

What if we tell you, you can play live online poker, slots, roulette and other casino games without paying? The mechanism that allows you to do this is called a 'no deposit bonus'. Many online casinos offer this feature. So what is a 'no deposit bonus' and what do you have to do to get a 'free no deposit bonus'?

What is a'no deposit bonus' and ir really free?

There are over 1000 online gambling sites made up of poker rooms, online casinos, bingo sites and sportsbooks. The online player is spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting a website to play. So some companies found an innovative way to attract customers. They started offering a free no deposit bonus. Here, the website offers a 'free' starting deposit to the player whether the player makes a deposit or not. The only thing the player has to do is register an account with the website, give some basic information and is all set. The deposit is really 'free' because you don't have to pay anything to get it.

How is a 'no deposit' bonus different from a 'first time' bonus?

There is a fundamental difference between a 'no deposit bonus' and a 'first deposit bonus'. For example, William Hill offers a 'first deposit bonus' of up to € 1500. At the same time, Bet Victor offers a 'free deposit bonus' of €175. The major difference between the two types of bonuses is, to qualify for a 'first deposit bonus', you have to deposit some money with the website first. But with a free no deposit bonus, you don't have to put in any money. Absolutely nothing!

Why do online casinos offer a free deposit bonus?

For sure, a free deposit bonus costs the company money. From the casinos' perspective, it seems like a deal with the devil, a lose-lose situation. So why is the casino doing this? There are many reasons. First of all, the casino considers this an investment. By offering the client free playing money, they hope to attract and retain playing customers. So it is like goodwill. 

Online casinos are also known for their loose slots. They can afford to keep it that way because the online casino don't have a geographical boundaries. This means they can get hundreds of paying customers each day (the best online casinos get tens of thousands of customers each day).

Another reason why some online casinos offer a free no deposit bonus is because the casino hopes the player will like the experience and sign up for a regular account once they sees a little success. The player also benefits (especially if he is first time player). He/she gets a chance to explore the site and try a few games without any risk.

How much is the 'free no deposit bonus'?

The no free deposit bonus will change from online casino to online casino. Some casinos have a higher risk appetite and they offer a higher no deposit bonus. Piri Piri Casino actually has a list of online casinos offering free bonus like 32 Red Casino (Free £10), 888 Casino (Free £88), Bet Victor (Free £175), Super Casino (Free £600), Jackpot247 (Free £10) and others. But this is not the only difference between these websites. Some allow you to play without downloads (888 Casino), other have hundreds of games (32 Red Casino), while others give you the benefit of a personal account manager (Bet Victor).

Is there any cacth to this offer?

The casino is well within its right to ensure that there is a balance between the free no deposit bonus it offers and its income from the casino. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will go bankrupt. The free bonus is actually a promotion. So players who wants to take advantage of this deal will have to abide by the rules and regulations of the casino concerning casino promotions. There might be restrictions on what games the player is allowed to play with the free bonus also. 

In addition, there maybe  a limit on the maximum wager on each game if the player is betting with the bonus money. Some casinos allow you to take your winnings only if you make a deposit. This is done ostensibly to verify the account. Still, the casino will see to it that it is not difficult for the player to use the bonus, otherwise the player might become exasperated and give up.

Other advantages of a free no deposit bonus

A free no deposit bonus is a risk-free opportunity. If you win, the money is yours. If you lose, you are not losing anything, because you have not put in any money. So no deposit casino is actually a win-win situation for the player. We recommend that if a casino is offering this promotion, you should try it out.

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