Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips

Successful punters know that the key to winning a bet on a sport is to understand it. Soccer or football betting is common across the Europe. If you enjoy watching the game and want to try your hand at football betting, you need to be willing to devote enough time and effort to understand how football betting works. More than that, you need to know your game.

If you are betting on football for the first time, here are a few tips you can use.

Know the game, the team and the players

Successful sports bettors aren't those who guess. They are the ones who make calculated decisions based on a lot of factors including the form of the team or the player, their past performances, the team lineup, and most importantly, the odds against or for a team. To understand all this, you need to first understand the game and how it works. Bettors should also spend time understanding the tournament or league structure to make informed decisions.

Type of bets you can place

When it comes to sports betting, you can place different types of bets. The number of options you have differ from one sport to another. In football, you can place a number of different types of bets - on the team, on a specific player or the statistics of the game - total number of goals, corners, red cards, and yellow cards and so on. Find out what your options are, or the kind of bets that your booker offers and what the risks are for each of them before you choose one of more betting options.

Betting on underdogs

Football is a game of skill and sometimes, the players you least expect to play can surprise you. So remember that in football, you need not always put your money on the top teams. Based on the news, the odds and the changes in a given team, the performance of a player and so on, you can even get lucky with underdogs if you bet wisely.

Stay updated

Sometimes, it is okay to seek help of the experts in terms of the odds and the predictions for a match. Keep yourself updated with the latest news on the team, player or the league and understand the odds. Make use of available information to place the right bets that offer you a better chance of winning.

Double Chance

Is there a match where it is unlikely that one side may lose? Or is there a situation where one team is playing for a draw? Such an opportunity may open up at an EPL match where a club's focus is on at least drawing the match to escape relegation. Here you can use the Double Chance strategy wherein you back two outcomes : a draw and a win. 

This type of wager can be useful when a dependable striker from one of the teams is injured and not playing the particular match. Often, the odds don't adjust to reflect this situation, giving you the opportunity to bet against the side that you think will most probably draw.  Another - the half ball Asian Handicap - is similar to this online betting strategy, where you combine a victory bet and a draw.

Wager on the right teams

By the 'right' teams, we mean those that you're confident will score. For instance, it's reasonable to predict that a top/in-form club will score, especially against a weaker team. However, for such probable outcomes, sportsbooks will definitely offer poor odds on the best teams, so your profits at the end of the day will also be small. 

One of the better football betting tips is to wager against very weak or out-of-form teams. Sometimes, sportsbooks may give such clubs more credit than you may think necessary, which represents an opportunity for you to bet against the weaker team.

Home or away

European soccer statistics suggest that home teams win 57% of the time in games with low attendance, and a whopping 78% of the time in highly-attended matches. There are a number of reasons why a club may perform better on its home turf. So, it is not surprising really that punters place bets on the basis of a home advantage. 

Having said that, pressure from home fans can affect performance. So, one of the common football betting tips also involves checking the particular clubs' win-loss record at 'home' and 'away' matches to make reasonable conclusions. 

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