Football Betting

football betting

The English Premier League, La Liga, Budesliga, the European Championships and the FIFA World Cup… these are the words that can excite football lovers around the world. If you follow football matches closely and are able to predict the outcome of the game as accurately as you can, then football betting is an excellent option for you.

What is Football Betting?

It is important to understand that in a majority of online casinos football betting is betting on soccer games, and not American football. Punters or betters place specific bets on the number of goals, the overall outcome of the match and may be even on a specific player's performance if the casino or sportsbook offers it.

The usual bets include over/under goals, which is to predict if the number of goals in the match or by a team will be over or under a certain number. The most popular form of bet is the double chance, where in you can place two types of bets in one, increasing you chance of winning.

Understanding is Key

You may be an expert when it comes to understanding the game of football or soccer. However, that doesn’t make you an expert on betting on the game. Learn all that there is to football betting online. There are a number of football betting sites out there offering football betting tips to those interested. Start off with the basics - bet little and see the outcome. Once you get a hang of it, you could slowly increase your stakes and win your bets.

Football Betting

Now place all your bets on football games and enjoy the earnings. Whether it is an English Premier League game, a La Liga match or a Bundesliga encounter, these bookies offer you the best odds.

*Football means soccer and not the American version of the game.

You can bet simply on the outcome (who you think will win/lose – you can also bet on the match ending as a draw), or how many goals a team/player will score (the odds are higher, and you stand to win more). You could also predict who opens the scoring.

You get three times the odds on your first bet – in other words, you stand to triple your earnings. Let us say the odds of Hull winning against Liverpool are 15-1. This means that if you bet £1 on Hull to win, you take home £15. But if you are betting for the first time, you get £45.

You can receive up to £50 to start with. If you are unsure of placing bets online, you can try using the free money in the demo mode to get a feel of the process. Apart from winning real money if you are lucky, this will also help to get acquainted with verifying the odds, or knowing in advance exactly how much you stand to win – before placing a bet.

At Piri Piri Casinos, only the sites that offer high odds and fast payouts are listed. They are all well-known and quite respected, having had come into existence decades ago. They are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and because of that you need not worry about anything at all. 

They use cryptographic SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, so you can be assured that all your credit/debit card transactions are completely safe. In addition, your personal data will be kept completely confidential – sophisticated firewalls are utilised for the purpose. You could use MasterCard and/or Visa cards; as well as electronic wallets like Skrill or Neteller. Technical support and betting assistance by phone, email or online chat is provided round the clock by highly qualified agents, who are well-versed in the art of customer care They have a fair gaming policy so that no one receives any kind of unfair advantage.

And unlike other bookies, they don’t cancel your account if you enjoy a winning streak. So if the iconic Pep Guardiola-led Manchester City, Jose Mourinho-managed Manchester United, the legendary Zinedine Zidane-coached Real Madrid or Carlo Ancelotti’s Bayern Munich are on a roll, you can continue to bet on your favourite team(s) and make money.

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