Easy to Beat Slots

Easy to Beat Slots

There really are no easy to beat slots – if it were that easy, people would be making money easily and other slots games would find no takers. Luck plays a vital element, but you can maximize your chances of winning.

1.      Play with free money:

Many online casinos have free bonuses to help you get started. Sometimes it could be as high as $50 but to prevent you from cashing out, they will have wagering requirements. Take a spin and see if you get lucky – if you do, you could then cash out with more than the free bonus.

 2.      Look for low playthrough requirements:

The less demanding the casino’s wagering requirements are, the greater are your chances of walking away with real money.

3.      Scan payback percentages:

Look for slots online which publish their payback percentages. While online casinos may not always post accurate information, the more established ones which have a reputation to maintain usually do so. Among them, look for the slots that have the highest payback percentages.

4.      Play higher denominations:

The more money you wager, the lesser is the house edge. Remember that the house always has an edge. Because casinos make more money off high-rollers, they offer better odds to those who wager high amounts. This increases your chances of winning. Once you win, cash out.


5.      Play at a slots casino:

Nowadays, casino operators offer all sorts of games under one roof. But there are also specialized slots casinos, and this is where you should be trying your luck, not at the former.

6.      Say no to progressive jackpots:

Because the jackpot is huge, it requires you to keep playing higher and higher amounts even if you win, without the possibility of cashing out. This only takes your money away from you.

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