Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy

For a beginner, the casino game craps may seem extremely complicated, given how the betting system works. But once you understand the game, it is not as difficult as it may seem. The throw of dice cannot be controlled or manipulated. So there is no way to guarantee a win in craps. However, you can certainly improve your chances of winning at craps by remembering a few important points mentioned below.

Learn the Rules

Any casino game you play has a set of rules. Knowing them does not guarantee a win, but it certainly helps you reduce the odds of losing. More importantly, don’t bet on something you don’t understand, because that way, you are sure to lose.

Play responsibly

Playing recklessly is a sure shot way of losing all the money you have. Manage your bankroll wisely such that you have a chance of playing more turns. Also, don’t go by your "intuition" or "gut" for that does not make you lucky. Play wisely and place bets that have a better chance of returning money into your pocket.

To Bet or Not to Bet

The best or the safe bets you can place in craps are the pass like and the don’t pass line bets which have a 50-50 chance of doubling your wager, as the house edge n this bet is only 1.41%.If the shooter rolls out a 7 before rolling his point, you win. When you place this bet, you are betting against all other players at the table.

Another optimal craps betting strategy includes place 6, place 8 and buy 10. It is cheaper to buy the 4 and 10 than place them. On the other hand, it is cheaper to place the other numbers as opposed to  buying them.

If you're starting off with a big bankroll, Three Points Molly is a good craps strategy to consider. The idea is to use three numbers to your advantage at all times. Start by placing a Pass Line self-service bet. Back it up by placing single or double odds on it. Then place a Come Line bet, and back it up with a single or doubles odds on it. If the very next roll is a 7 or 11, place another immediately. Continue the process until the shooter rolls the point number or craps out by rolling a 7.  Betting against the line, which means to bet against the play, is also better as that has a lower house edge of 1.40%. The bets you must avoid are the Big 6 and Big 8 bets that have a house edge of more than 9%.These are terrible odds for a punter, so even for high payouts at a top casino with live dealers, it is best to steer clear of these hit-and-miss bets. 

The other moves to avoid are :

ñ  Betting on individual numbers, which is usually responsible for making casinos money!

ñ  Hard numbers like hard eights that replace odds of 10:1 by casino odds of 9:1. 

ñ  Proposition bets that have a high house edge, up to 16% in some casinos.

As part of their overall craps strategy, players usually make their betting selections for the day and don't deviate from them. If you want to extend the game play, stick to the pass/don't pass and come/don't come bets. If your goal is to win, you can hit and run with high-odds bets.         

Finally, factor in the classic online betting strategy of raising your bets when you're winning, and lowering it when you're on a losing streak. 

The best way to get better at wining this game is to create a pattern that works for you and stick to it, while managing your bankroll wisely.

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