Casino Games Online

The thrill of wagering something of value to the chance of winning more has always been a driving force for the betting industry. Casinos were built mainly to provide these services for the ever-rising demand of gambling and betting. With the advent of the internet, gambling companies made a natural transition towards catering to a rising online audience and giving them access to casino games. Today, the gambling industry is larger and more profitable than it has ever been in the past, and online casino games take a lot of credit for it.

According to Statistica, a reliable portal that provides statistics based on studies, the online gaming market rose from a volume of 13.8 billion in 2005 to an astounding 41.4 billion in 2015. The market volume of online gaming has tripled just within a decade. The increased accessibility to the internet, improved technology and reduced costs of supporting devices like laptops and smartphones are to be thanked for the growth.

History of online casino games

The World Wide Web was invented in the 1990s so it took a few years before everyone recognized the boundless potential it offered. However, the first online casino game was launched merely six years after the invention of the World Wide Web. In August 1996, InterCasino, a company that was based in the island of Antigua, Guatemala, released eighteen games online. The trend caught on quickly and now there are tens of thousands of online casino games.

Free casino games

Most of the online gambling websites today are not affiliated with actual, land-based casinos. However, most of the popular land-based casinos are choosing to create their own gambling websites to make unique casino games available for the international audience. Free casino games and free casino slots are an important part of the online gambling experience. Most people who are interested in betting get to understand the rules and the dynamics of gambling using such games.

Free casino slots use the same dynamics as real-life casino slots, and many of them are based on famous casino slots like Deal or No Deal and Beach Life. Online casino game developers try to maintain the authenticity of free casino slots as much as they can, making them even more attractive to beginners. Most of the free casino slots online are played only for the sake of entertainment as they generally do not provide monetary rewards.

Cultural influences

Due to the popularity of free casino games online, casino game manufacturers are relying on movies and celebrities to create some free, quality casino slots. Games such as The Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, Gladiator, X-Men, and The Incredible Hulk are all based on successful movie franchises of the same names. The characters, soundtrack and designs are kept as close to the original franchises to attract fans. Due to the innovation of game designers, these online casino games have become some of the most popular games played on the internet today.


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