Cash Games

Cash Games

In addition to the many variants that poker has, there are also several game formats that add to the game's excitement. There are many poker game formats that one can choose to play at a live poker room or an online poker room. These include tournaments, cash games and instant sit-n-go games. While poker tournaments involve in playing a number of games at one or more table to win, cash games are simpler and more straightforward.

What are cash games?

Poker cash game is a simple game played at a single table. In poker cash games, players exchange money for chips and get the amount at the end of the game. There is usually a minimum and maximum buyout at cash games which can last for as long as the players want to play. Players also have the choice to quit and walk away from the table any time they want. They can simply exchange all their chips for cash and leave.

If a player loses all of his chips in the game, he or she can continue playing with more buy-in. There is no elimination in this game format. Another difference between tournaments and cash games is that the blind bets remain the same in cash games. Also, poker cash games can be played anywhere - your home, a casino, a club or at a party.

Tips for Playing Cash Games

Because there is no elimination, players are allowed to play at the cash game poker tables for as long as they want. It can have negative consequences for some players with a losing streak. People end up playing more and more and losing more with the vain attempts to win all that they lost. That is a bad idea. Also known as ring games, cash games involve real money which makes it important that you always start playing at a table after setting a limit for yourself.

Some card rooms also offer no-limit cash games where in there is no maximum buy-in. It may tempt the players into going for a huge buy-in with the hopes of winning more. It should also be avoided to prevent big losses.

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