American Roulette Strategy

American Roulette Strategy

Are you wondering how to play American roulette? The American version of the game differs from the European version in that there is an additional 00 in green, which improves the house advantage to 5.26 percent. Since any number bet on has only a 1 in 38 chance of winning and the winnings are £35 for every £1 bet on it. While the Martingale Strategy may be a good roulette strategy, the Grand Martingale Strategy might be a better American roulette strategy.

The Martingale Strategy

In the Martingale Strategy, you pick a colour (red or black) and stick to it until you win, if you lose the first time, or the second time as well, or even the third time. It is statistically improbable that the ball will continue to evade your colour forever. However, when it does land on your color, you make gains if you have been putting down on each spin double what you put on the last time.

Let us say you placed £5 on black. If the ball lands on red or green, you lose £5, but simply place £10 on black the second time. This way, if the ball lands on black, you win £10, which is enough to cover the loss incurred during the first bet and still net you a profit. It didn't land on black? Don't worry, place £20 on black in your third attempt - your loss by now is £15 (£5 on your first try + £15 on the second), but you can still recoup your losses and make gains if you win.

What is the Grand Martingale Strategy?

The Grand Martingale Strategy is simply adding an 'unit' at each step, with an unit defined as the amount you started off with. So if £5 on black was your first best and you lost, your second bet should be £10 plus a unit of £5, making it £15 in total. If you win on your second attempt, great - your spend so far is £20, but the winnings are £15, meaning you take home £35 after putting down £20 in the roulette table. Not bad. So what if you don't win the second time either? Stay calm and make another bet of £35 (the bet last time was £15, double the amount is £30 and you add a base unit of £5 to it). If you win this time,your spend would have been £75 (£5 + £15 + £35), but the winnings are another £35.

So each time the wheel is spun, you stand to make more money with the Grand Martingale Strategy than with the Martingale Strategy. The only hitch is that you obviously need a bigger sum of money to start with. Perhaps you can place low-value bets. How low exactly? If you can spread out your purse so that you have enough money for five spins, you are likely to win 96.4 percent of the time. There is still a 3.6 percent risk, but that is what gambling is about - playing the stakes to earn big. The 96.4 percent success percentage also holds good for the Martingale American roulette Strategy as well.

Also, when you win, keep your winnings aside. If you make £35 with £75, keep the winning amount of £35 aside and play either of the two strategies one more time with the original £5. When you win again, do the same thing. It ensures a greater chance of you not going home with an empty pocket.

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