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777 is a subsidiary of 888 Holdings PLC, one of the world's largest casino and gaming operators. They are known world over and hold a special place as one of the pioneers in the field. They are listed in the London Stock Exchange since 2005. They operate as an online casino that is open through the day and all night. 777's main draw is that they work as a way for players to experience the old world, sophisticated, and nostalgic feel of playing and gambling in the Nevada desert, like it’s meant to be.

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As part of the 888 group, 777 assures all the players of service, safety, and responsible gaming at every turn. Apart from sports betting and live games, the dealer in most other games is actually a well-designed computer. The games are played through true random number generators with nothing that is preset or programmed. The same can be said of the online slots with some games paying out ultimate jackpots in the millions! 777 promises to be an exciting and fun way to win big, and they are among the best in the business.

Why Play at 777.com?

777.com is an online casino that has over the years grown to be one of the biggest names in the industry. It is one of the best online gambling sites that has people from all over the world playing through the day. The large and diverse clientele of the site has made it possible for participants and gamers from all over the world to participate and play against one another with the chance of a proper payout at the end of it.

Awards and recognitions

777. com is the recipient of the Gaming Intelligence Awards' Best Casino operator for last year. It is one of the best in the world and its rankings just goes to show how good it actually is. Apart from this, the site also received the Best Digital Operator award from the Global Gaming Awards in 2014. In the 2013, it was given the Best Casino operator award from EGR awards. That is the last three years of continued excellence. It is without doubt one of the most trusted places to play. While awards are one thing, the site has also received beaming responses from satisfied gamers from around the world. Review sites and other forums around the online gamer community have showed their continued support and there is a certain level of fondness for this site. 

Getting started

Apart from the desktop site, 777.com also offers mobile gaming options to serve you on the go. The site serves as a web application, this means no need to download and install anything. Once you register and open an account, you can begin playing right away. If you are a bit wary about the games, you can simply go through the lists and play for free, sampling the 270+ games. Once you gain confidence and get a hang of things, you can begin playing for real. The initial deposit can be as low as $200, and you can pay in GBP (£), or EUR (€). You can play for the full amount, 100% of the money is yours to play with. The site also offers a $200 as welcome bonus. 

The games

The site boasts of a game list that is well stocked, over 270 games are open to play. The current Jackpot on the slots, at the time of writing this was climbing at a quick rate over $3,500,000. Even the smallest jackpot on the slots was well over $11,000! 

For more on 777.com, follow the https://piripiricasino.com/online-slots
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