7 Card Stud Strategy

7 Card Stud Strategy

Poker is a game of strategy. Of the many poker variants, 7 card stud is not as popular as Texas or Omaha Hold'em, which is why you may not have paid much attention to its strategies. If you are a Hold'em player, and want to try new games like 7 card stud, understand that the strategies that have worked for you in Hold'em will not work for this variant of poker. Here are some important things you should keep in mind before heading to a 7 card stud table online, or at a live poker room.

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Know the rules

The first tip for any poker game is to know the game. Learn the rules and how it is played. It is the most basic thing to know. In 7 card stud, you get 2 hole cards - both face down - followed by a face-up card. Players are allowed to look at the hole cards and then bet - call, fold or raise as in Texas Hold'em.

Know when to fold and when not to

If you have a king or an ace in the first three cards dealt to you, take the chance and get aggressive to build a solid hand. Unless you get a three-card suit right at the start, which is unlikely, it is better to fold mediocre hands, especially when most of the players are in the game. It will save you a lot of money.

Know when to move ahead

If the first three cards form a sequence, if at least 2 of the three are of the same suit or if you have a king or an ace in the first three cards, bet and go to the next round. Wait for two more cards from the deck and see if your hand gets better. If it does, it may improve your chances of winning. Otherwise, fold after the fifth card.

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